“Air Talk” by Yoko Ono

September 26, 2010

It’s sad that the air is the only
thing we share.
No matter how close we get to each other,
there is always air between us.
It’s also nice that we share the air.
No matter how far apart we are,
the air links us.

Who Are You?

September 22, 2010
Who Are You?

You see someone on the street and walk up to them and say, “Hi, my name’s Phil, or Jane.” And they say, “Well, hello, nice to meet you, the name’s Mary, or William, nice day for a stroll isn’t it?” And you say…What the hell is going on here, is this a dream? People don’t just walk up to someone on the street and begin talking, well, not unless they have an agenda up their sleeve. Maybe you don’t actually say all that, you’re just having a dream after all.

Have you ever seen someone, anyone, and were curious enough, or in need of contact or directions (men?), or just plain wished there were fewer social barriers – maybe you recall incidents from the late sixties when such behavior was possible, and now the world just seems so…lifeless – unless you are texting or mp3-ing, that is (you’ll have to decide if that behavior works like human contact).

Well, cheer up – now there’s a, W.A.Y., stands for, Who Are You? Just put this button on, assuming you wish to avail yourself of who-knows-who, and off you go, ready for adventure.

It’s a brave new world. Are you up for it?

One Space Apart

September 13, 2010
One Space Apart

Ever been convicted of a crime? If so, you have lots of company. One thing we excel at in the united States is sentencing people to prison. And presumably, most of the time, not for no good reason. And if you’re a felon? When you get out? Well, the question is the answer – you are a,  f e l o n.  With all the rights and privileges.

In 2008, over 7.3 million people were under some form of correctional supervision including: probation, prison, jail, parole.

Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics Correctional Surveys

One right an employer has is asking  prospective employeesif they have ever been convicted of a crime. Setting aside the notion of employer self preservation, it is a wall for the person looking to get hired. For an increasing number of people.

About Later OneSpace

September 13, 2010

I can sympathize when an organization does not respond to a suggestion to collaborate with another on a common goal. Proposing a new project for any organization to implement represents a challenge given that in all likelihood they are doing all they can just to accomplish their primary mission and still stay afloat financially. Organizations in related fields also compete for limited funding opportunities, so it’s a dog-eat-dog world that does not make it easy for anyone to take a creative leap.
But for those who push the envelope, the benefit is being seen as leading the pack.
The original idea actually was some kind of notebook, in progress, one page, then another (one of the benefits of using static html pages rather than a Blog is you can create a story line). See OneSpace Development.
Through personal experience in various organizations, I noticed that nonprofits do little promoting of other sites working on similar issues. For example, human rights organizations that research the plight of refugees often do not directly work with those groups actively engaged in implementation.

Specialization occurs not only in dividing up the progressive community by issue, but also within the management ideas, fundraising, and implementation.

1. generate an idea (relatively easy).

2. presenting it (relatively easy).

3. raising money (not easy).

4. organizing/coordinating (not easy).

5. implementation (way beyond not easy).

About the Newest OneSpace – Bridge The Gap

September 13, 2010

The gap is in our minds – it is really all one space.
How many biased spaces are there?



Skin color

Country origin


Gender preferred



Physical appearance
Appearing normal

Personal appearance


Psychological appearance

How can we attempt to cross over to the other side, for a visit?
What if we are not wanted?
What if we fail?
Whose responsibility is it anyway?

Original OneSpace

September 13, 2010

The original idea of onespace.org – follows – it was to “promote” the idea of combining funding sources with problem solving and implementation.

Simply put, the idea
of one space on the World Wide Web is ironic.

Many spaces are a result of many

people with access to resources.  

Many spaces provide resources.